Innovation in the Classroom

The world is changing and our classrooms have to evolve along with it. Our school district must support our teachers to give them room to try new teaching methods in order to continue to improve how we teach our kids to ensure they are engaged and excited about learning.

We can lead the way in encouraging innovation in the classroom, but we can only do that with the support of the Board, parents, and the community.

School Safety

Every student deserves to attend school in a safe and secure environment. No child should have to worry about their safety while they are learning. We must work as a community to ensure that our kids are safe while also making sure our schools do not turn into buildings that feel more like jails.

School resource officers can be an excellent way to prevent a tragedy, as they are in the schools daily, interacting with the students, getting to know them and what issues they are facing day-to-day. If they can develop trusting relationships with the students, they can help foster a better, safer learning environment for everyone.

While we also need to make sure our school buildings are safe, we must be careful not to go too far and create an environment that feels more like a prison than a school. Students thrive when they can feel comfortable, and feeling locked down will not encourage better learning. We must work with law enforcement, community leaders, teachers, and students alike to put into place those security measures that will truly help keep our students safe while ensuring they feel at ease in their learning environment.

Transparency & Accountability

Our School Board is elected by the citizens of HSE School District, and as such, they must be accountable to the voters. While no school board can make everyone happy, its members should listen to the concerns of the community and truly take that feedback into consideration.

Our school board must also be transparent in their decision making so the community can better understand the decisions of the Board. If elected, Julie will work to keep communication open with parents, teachers, and the community to ensure their thoughts and ideas are considered by the Board in order to make informed decisions for the district.


One of the most important issues a school board will deal with is budgeting and spending. As an elected member of the Board, Julie Chambers will always keep in mind that she is a steward of the people and will work to ensure that all funds are allocated appropriately.

Our first priority should be our students and making sure those who are educating them have the resources needed to perform their job. In this regard, Julie considers herself to be fiscally responsible. She will not shy away from spending money where needed, but will work to make sure any funds are spent responsibly and in a way that will improve the education our of children.

Measuring Student Achievement

Measuring student achievement is important to determine how successful a school district is in educating its students. However, simply focusing on test scores and graduation rates is not enough. It’s one thing for a district to graduate a high rate of students, but another issue all together to make sure they are prepared for the workforce or higher education.

If elected, Julie would seek to work with the HSE administration to track student success after graduation, and find new ways to improve the district’s ability to prepare our students to be engaged citizens, ready to face whatever awaits them after graduating from HSE.

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